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Flytech Technology Ranked Top 20% in YR 2018 Taiwan Listed Companies’ Corporate Governance Evaluation
(Taipei, May 2nd 2019) Taiwan Stock Exchange (TWSE) announced the results of YR 2018 Taiwan list companies’ corporate governance evaluation.
In YR2018, there were 868 listed companies at Taiwan main board and 686 listed companies at Taiwan over the counter board
(as total 1554 companies) join the evaluation. Flytech Technology(6206 TW) moved from top 21-35% category to top 6-20% at the first time.
Flytech Technology will continuously improve corporate governance and social responsibility going forward, including 4 major evaluation categories
「Protect shareholders' rights and treat shareholders equally」、「Strengthen the structure and operation of the board of directors」、
「Improve information transparency」and 「Implement corporate social responsibility」for creating more value for our stakeholders.
News contact: Alice Tseng  Flytech Technology Investment/IR/PR Director
TEL: 886-2-8791-4988#6206