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Flytech Newsletter - March 2018

At EuroCIS 2018, Flytech’s themed “Touch the Infinity” focuses on presenting the synergy created by Flytech Group demonstrating how we could support customers and end-users with a wide range of hardware solutions from POS systems (Windows, iOS, Android), ruggedized mobile POS to customized Panel PCs and Kiosks. Serving as the main central ODM manufacturer, Flytech supports infinite possibilities of hardware solutions. 

Flytech’s latest pole-mounted POS systems—POS611 & POS614—has made debut in the show. Connected with a Box PC (KPC7) via USB Type-C and hiding all the cables simply by a pole, the POS 611 and POS 614 leave cables hidden, leave desktop clean and allow serviceability and upgradeability an easy task, enhancing customers’ in-store experience and creating unlimited possibilities in retail & hospitality. The latest mobile POS system – POS274 tackles the mobility trend and is sleek, slim yet robust 8-inch wide mobile tablet. The POS274 comes with a variety of modularized peripherals such as MSR, 2D Scanner, mPOS jacket and holder. Full wireless connectivity (WiFi/BT/3G/NFC) and long-life battery are also available supporting the user who is always on the move.

If you miss the chance to visit us in EuroCIS, don’t worry. You could find us in RLC (April 15-18) in USA and Computex (June 5-9) in Taiwan. Also, you could find out where we will be exhibiting on Flytech website ( or email to to learn more.
At Embedded World 2018, Flytech exhibited hardware solutions for Medical and Commercial industries under this year’s theme: Smart Service, Easy Life. We introduced our Panel PC K750-series products with a brand new integrated medical-grade motherboard, and showcasing the latest Self-service Kiosk systems with advance Face ID security.

We believe all our visitors had a good time experiencing with our self-service kiosks in Flytech booth: self check-in kiosks for airports and hotels, self-ordering kiosk for retail stores, self-ordering kiosk for restaurants, and even self medicine pick-up kiosk for pharmacies. As an experienced ODM manufacturer, Flytech notices the trend of self-service and provides customized touch embedded hardware solutions for all kinds of applications. For more information, please visit Flytech Technology website at or email to

POS274 The POS 274 is an 8” W mobile tablet respectively designed to withstand a 1.2m drop and provide protection from any liquid splash. As the mobility trend gears into the retail, hospitality, government and field service & operation industries, the POS 274 features an aesthetic design with a variety of modularized peripherals such as MSR, 2D Scanner , mPOS jacket and holder. Full Connectivity with WiFi/BT/3G/NFC and long-life battery design are ideal attributes for the user to be always on the move.
Key Features
• Mobile 8"W Display with PCAP Touch
• Intel Cherry Trail Processor
• Semi-Rugged Design (Withstands 1.2m drop test)
• Interchangeable Long-life Battery Up to 8hrs
• Modular Function Back Cover with Various Peripheral Options
POS5000 – Flytech’s POS 5000 is a powerful embedded Box PC built from SECC metal and equipped with a powerful Intel Skylake S processor and Rich I/O ports for a full range of peripheral connectivity. A sleek front key-lock door and side ventilation provide added security and optimal airflow. The POS 5000 offers modularized I/O boards, HDD, and Optional I/O boards for easy maintenance and upgrade. Easy access to the motherboard and HDD for serviceability. It supports AMT/vPro for remote management functionality and RAID technology for data loss prevention. The POS 5000 is an excellent embedded Box PC solution for any type of business application.

Key Features
• Intel Skylake S Processor
• SECC Metal Housing
• Front I/O for Easy Service
• Modular I/O Board Design for Easy Maintenance
• Superior Tool-less Design and Less Internal Cable
• Rich I/O Ports for Various Peripherals
• Dual HDD and RAID Technology for Transactions Data Back-up
After the Chinese New Year holiday, we had an opening ceremony to pray for all Flytech members’ good health and prosperity for the whole year. Meanwhile, in the festive atmosphere, Flytech members received red envelopes, which were filled with good luck, from our Chairman Mr. Lam and President Mr. Liu. May everyone has a Happy Dog Year!