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Poindus Systems Corp to Acquire 100% Shares in ADASYS GmbH Elektronische Komponenten.
Taipei City, Taiwan, March 16, 2017 – Poindus System Corp. (TWSE: 6599) today announced the acquisition of 100% shares in ADASYS GmbH Elektronische Komponenten (ADASYS GmbH), a leading distributors for hardware for the POS industry in Germany & Austria. Poindus System Corp. (Poindus) and ADASYS GmbH will sign a Sales and Purchase Agreement (SPA) on March 20, 2017.

The Signed SPA presents a milestone for a new development of both companies; ADASYS GmbH’s key management team will be retained for the core competence. This is a vertical integration between the manufacturer and the distributor, which will enhance the capacity of sales and product supply. The acquisition will benefit Poindus and ADASYS GmbH since both sides can work closely and share resources to expand the European market together. Poindus will gain a better understanding of the European POS industry market demand in the future, and launch products in line with industry expectations. ADASYS GmbH has been a respected distributor for POS system, Panel PC and related hardware since 1987, and the service scope is spread across the whole of Europe. ADASYS GmbH is an experienced distributor who can always meet market expectations and deliver substantial benefits for business operation to customers. “One of our important operational strategies is alliance with different geographical regions partner.” said Frank Hu, Poindus Chairman of the board. “Poindus adheres to a strict policy of product innovation; thus all products of Poindus are reputed as high quality and performance. Also, Poindus would like to construct a global seamless service network. Our products and seamless service are powerful strengths; moreover, these are the key factors for ADASYS GmbH to ally with Poindus.” Frank Hu believes that Poindus will speed up the oversea business plan layout and gain insight into local needs after ADASYS GmbH joins with Poindus. In the future, Poindus will be able to more effectively develop research strategies and accelerate the innovation capacity of enterprises; and ADASYS GmbH will also become the most powerful operating platform for Poindus in Europe.

"For our customers and existing suppliers, as well as on the name of ADASYS GmbH, nothing will change initially. In addition, ADASYS GmbH will optimize and strengthen the operation in European market and cross-border services." stated Thomas Schäfer who will continue to lead ADASYS as Managing Director. After years of successful collaboration with Poindus, Thomas Schäfer had every confidence in this alliance which will provide better quality of products and customer service.