Flytech Technology


Corporate Social Responsibility

Throughout the years Flytech strives to make our customers, employees, shareholders, vendors—all our stakeholders satisfied. We believe that through our dedication and commitment, we provide best products to our customers. Through our company culture, we inspire and take care our employees.

Through our care for the environment and system, we continue our good relationships with our vendors. Finally, through our business philosophy to customers, employees, vendors, we strive for the best performance for our shareholders.

Environmental Compliance

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and make contribution to the protection of our environment,Flytech Technology fully implements an environmental management system that is in compliance with ISO 14001:

Strictly follow environmental laws and regulations, and keep working on environmental improvement and pollution prevention.

Keep our environmental management system work effectively to carry out our environmental protection obligations.

Establish waste management to follow related laws and enhance recycling practices.

Promote the concept of environmental protection, especially among our staff.

Start product planning with the concept of designing and manufacturing for the environment to reduce wastes that could harm the environment.

Keep our environmental policy transparent to the public.

flytech foundation

In March 2015, Flytech Technology founded Flytech Foundation to further care for our community and fulfill our social responsibility. Flytech foundation values on caring for those in need, and enhancing technology education to youngsters.

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