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Ultimately focusing on point of service systems such as Point-Of-Sale (POS), Panel PC (PPC), Mobile POS, and Payment Terminal Solutions (PTS).


ODM / Pure Customization

Flytech ODM business division provides customized hardware design and manufacturing for computer based niche products.

Supported by in-house experienced R&D engineers, self-owned manufacturing facilities and a seamless quality system we are competent to deliver ODM service ranging from product conceptualization, circuit board and mechanical design, BIOS and firmware, validation test, material procurement, manufacturing, shipment and after-sales service. Customers can get competitive tailor-made products with lean management. In the past years, we successfully developed ODM business with world leading companies in industrial PC, POS and Panel PC & various application fields.
Making our customers successful is a ground rule in ODM business division. Flexible, quick and professional are key performance indexes we monitor daily. Besides brand new product design and manufacturing, we also offer minor design modifications on Flytech standard products to fit different customization needs.

The ODM business division has built up a professional project management expertise. Account managers organize internal resources including R & D, manufacturing, quality, and after-sales service. Customers can get all kind of services through a single contact window.

R & D Capability


Flytech has complete in-house engineers in R & D group. Our expertise includes Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, and System Integration Engineering. We design circuit boards, mechanical, BIOS, and firmware by our own engineering resources. After product designing, we perform comprehensive and severe design qualification tests such as vibration test, thermal test, signal integrity test, environment test and compatibility test to ensure systems can meet field side applications. In addition, by customers’ request, we also perform EMC and Safety certificate to meet different marketplace’s regulation.

“Design for quality”, “Design for cost”, “Design for manufacturing” and “Design for service”, are four key elements in our new product design philosophy. Based on our experience, we believe design, quality, cost, manufacture, and serviceability must be addressed in the very beginning. Any afterward remedy, modification and cost down are futile in most cases.

R & D Capability

Flytech has complete manufacturing facilities and systems in place. These include three SMT lines, two PCB assembly lines, six system assembly lines, two burn in test rooms. All the system assemblies go through the automatic conveyor. Maximum throughput is roughly 66,000 systems per month.

Except for hardware facilities, we also utilize a Shop Floor system on manufacturing lines. It provides real-time manufacturing status data, yield rate and required information for future tracking. We also use ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to get linkage from order fulfillment, material preparation, manufacturing, and logistic. All the system assembly and go through automatic conveyor control.
Flytech is certified by ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 13485, and ISO27001. From IQC to OQC accompanied with production team self-check we form a seamless quality control system. Flytech is also a qualified factory for UL and CCC.

Inside Quality Division, we also set up Customer Service and RMA group to provide variety after sales service including service training course, technical consulting and defective repairs.